What to Do When You Make a Big Mistake

Do you want to make a loss or an investment?

Danny Oak
4 min readSep 10, 2021
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

Mistakes cost money!”, said some grumpy guy a few centuries ago. He was probably in a dark room complaining, ’cause that’s what grumpy guys did back then.

Nowadays this expression is used very often to promote efficiency, prevent waste, and reinforce the opinion that your boss is a dick.

“Mistakes cost money, Brian, don’t you know that? You printed 2 copies of this briefing! IN COLOR!! Are you trying to shut us down??”

So sure, detecting and eliminate inefficiencies and waste is positive, and mistakes are something to avoid.

But can mistakes be a good thing?

The Different kinds of Mistakes

Mistakes aren’t all of the same kind.

There are the tiny ones that don’t cause a big fuss (except to Brian’s boss up there) so we either forget about them in a couple of hours or we use them to break some awkward silence during an elevator ride with the pretty accountant intern.

I just printed 2 copies of the briefing, silly me! I’m going to plant a tree this weekend to make it up with mother nature, do you want to join me in saving planet earth??



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