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  • Alexandra Allen

    Alexandra Allen

    L&D Strategist and Instructional Designer for professional development courses and programs. Montreal | London | Sydney | Paris.

  • Catalina Munoz

    Catalina Munoz

    Journalist, fiction fanatic, and avid reader. Trying to write as much as I read.

  • Karena de Souza

    Karena de Souza

    Global citizen|GenZ Parent|Future of Work|RTW Traveler

  • Lucas Soares

    Lucas Soares

    Machine Learning Engineer. I write about AI | Data Science | Productivity & Learning. Join Medium at: https://lucas-soares.medium.com/membership

  • Nick Milo

    Nick Milo

    Thinking about making notes for life. TV editing, Pink Gloves Boxing. Former civil engineer, college football coach, all-american, three-time national champion.

  • Bryan Jenks

    Bryan Jenks

    Information Technology Associate with CA.gov, YouTuber, and perpetual student

  • Brooke Harrison

    Brooke Harrison

    Writer & Entrepreneur. I write to process and share what I’m learning :) How to take notes in Obsidian (free guide!): https://brooke-harrison.ck.page/a4d8350db3

  • Andrea Faggion

    Andrea Faggion

    Professora de filosofia

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