Don’t let this be another missed year

Surprisingly, we’re already in mid-February.

I don’t know about you, but one year ago, if you would tell me that I was going to be working from home and stay there due to a lockdown, I would have guessed that time would be moving in slow motion, but the truth is that days are going by rapidly.

Despite this, we’re still on time to make this year a success and make ourselves stand out in the crowd, benefiting from the inertia of our competition.

The New Working Reality

More than ever, companies are looking for people that can not only keep the same levels…

The roadmap to becoming a prolific reader

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” — Lemony Snicket

I no longer count the books I read, but for the last 5 years, I’ve been reading dozens of books every year, something I didn’t do before.

Until my early 30s, I didn’t read many books. I would call myself a reader, but most of the written content I consumed was through blog posts and magazines, which is not bad, but books hold a different kind of wisdom.

At the time, I focused on lighter content, mainly because the…

What I’m doing in my 30’s to live better in my 40’s and beyond


The most important aspect of our life, but also the one that is more often overlooked.

If you’re anything like me, you probably felt invincible when you were younger. You were strong, active, able to spent the whole night partying, and still looking fresh in the morning just after a shower.

I remember days where I played 2 soccer matches in a row after going to the gym, and then have a quick dinner and get ready to work at the bar where I worked for the summer, picking up drinks and washing glasses for half the night, and doing…

Simplifying is often the fastest way to happiness

Between quotes and mentors, I try to surround myself with the latter, but when a mentor can put so much value in two lines of text, then a quote can hold power to change your life the same way a good book would.

Naval Ravikant can do this better than anyone I know. He’s one of the brightest thinkers of our time and has been called a modern philosopher, the Tech Buddha, a Jedi Master, and a Guru.

I see him as someone who has found happiness, which says a lot more than it may sound.

I started to follow…

A decade of research and experimentation in one list

Like most people, I always search for knowledge and technics to improve my overall condition as a human being.

Like most people, I got information overload.

The internet is full of knowledge but also full of bullshit. It is hard work to recognize in what basket every tip, tactic, or technic belongs.

Even the legit tips may not be right for your particularities, so the only way to find out is to research and test them yourself.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the last decade, and these are the ones that brought me the most value.

Remember, this list…

If getting back on track is not a solution, don’t give up, do this.

All of us are walking projects in constant transformation and evolution. Every day we do things to become a better version of ourselves, at least for our standards.

But sometimes we hit a bump on the road and deviate from our course. We’re humans, it happens.

When you have goals and you fell off the wagon for some reason, the best way to fix it is to immediately get on it again and don’t think about that bump on your journey.

But sometimes we get so off-track that to get on it again feels like an impossible task. This happens…

The story of “the one key”

Lose money?
Remember, you could have lost a friend.
Lost that job?
What if you’d lost a limb?
Lost your house?
You could have lost everything.

– Ryan Holiday — The Obstacle Is The Way

It’s part of the human condition to see things subjectively. The old story of the glass half-empty / half-full, where a unique situation can be seen from different perspectives, although most of the time we see it half-empty.

When losing something, we focus on what we lost and not on what we didn’t lose and still have.

When we win, we focus on what we…

This was my biggest mistake as a newbie writer

A great writer once told me that I shouldn’t “ask for the readers’ trust before establishing it.” This is absolutely true.

He was kindly reviewing an article I wrote on which I had made a bold promise on the headline.

This is one of many details we must have in consideration when thinking about the perfect headline to our stories.

As a writer, you know how important headlines are because with thousands of stories “competing” for readers, a headline that grabs their attention is crucial.

But coming up with a good headline is very tricky, and when I started to…

These short sentences from Seth Godin can end your procrastination for good

Every morning I get in my inbox a message from Seth Godin.

Use them to be and feel better

Modern life can often fool us by making us believe that there are so many things that we need and so we must work hard to afford it all.

Anyone over thirty can surely recall a time in the past where we didn’t have most of the “luxuries” that we now see as essential, like iPhones, Internet, half-dozen streaming subscriptions, a second car, etc.

We had none of these back then, and yet we managed to be happy. In some cases, happier.

Of course, times evolve, and I’m not saying that some of the now so-called “essentials” aren’t, in fact…

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